Website Endgame!

By Silas Lindenstein Apr 24, 2023

Hello Everyone,

You are probably as shocked to see this as I am. You might be asking yourself, “Where are the years of content you’ve been putting up for years? Where’s all your old listings? What’s going on?!”

Well, yesterday I was asking the same thing when I was suddenly alerted by Google that my website wasn’t indexing and my web host sent an auto email, telling me there was a bunch of problems happening with the server not responding. UGH!!!!

So like a Thanos snap, my website was missing. There was a website blip happening, and my IT company that was supposed to be taking care of this kind of stuff is suddenly hard to get a hold of. Double UGH!!!

So I quickly changed servers to something I have under control and I have to rebuild all my previous posts, so watch this grow from here. But hey, I’m taking this opportunity to improve it. I’ve wanted to freshen it up, and here is an opportunity. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Thanks for understanding!

Silas Lindenstein
Boutique Brokerage

By Silas Lindenstein

Silas Lindenstein is a real estate agent with Boutique Brokerage in Seattle, WA. He's the host of the top-rated real estate podcast, You're Buying A home With Silas Lindenstein.

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