Remodel Your Home For A Profit

The Changes That Add Value

1. The Kitchen. If someone asked me the best place to remodel to add value, I’d tell them the kitchen every time. Despite how much take-out food we consume, the kitchen is still considered the heart of the home and is a top reason people give for why they wanted to purchase their home.2. The main bathroom. People know how much time they spend in the bathroom and they really look at the details. Layout, materials, space, and design are all important here. Give buyers a “wow!”3. An en suite master bathroom. An en suite master bathroom is a private bathroom accessible through the master bedroom only. It’s a hot item for buyers and you can up your asking price if you have one.4. Add square footage. This can be a costlier task, but expanding a bedroom or living area with square footage will often increase the price of your home. When searching for homes people look for “# of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, and square footage.”

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