15 Gorgeously Geeky Pieces of Furniture That Will Inspire Your Inner Nerd

What do video games, cult classic TV shows, and Star Wars all have in common? Geekdom! Even the most straight laced of us usually have something we like to geek out on. Whereas others seemed to have asked themselves, “Why not show it in my home, loud and proud?” And that is exactly what some of them have done!

1. You can custom order this “Puckman” (not Pac Man) shelving for your own tribute to the 80’s gaming legend.

Thank the Italian Designer, Mirko Ginepro for being the kind of diehard fan that brings gaming fans nostalgic pieces such as these.

2. Who doesn’t want to feel the loving embrace of… wookie skin???

Sentient, a New York based company, created this rather unique piece of furniture for the millions (if not billions) of Star Wars fans in the world. Technically, it’s Icelandic sheepskin. If you consider the wookie smell, and how many people would lose their arms attempting to skin one, sheepskin will have to do.

3. I’m not sure the QWERTY sofa, designed by Zo-Loft, will win any awards for possessing the keys to comfort.

Regardless, the style is perfect for computer gurus anywhere, and even folds flat for potential geek slumber parties.

4. Check out this DIY to learn how to make your very own Imperial Walker bunk bed!

5. Judith, a mechanical engineering student from Germany, created these Mario Brothers themed items for her apartment. Apparently there is a koopa shell in the making.

6. Speaking of Nintendo, how about an old school controller table?

7. If that’s not enough, just bring in the whole system.

8. This is the Polaroid toilet paper holder. I can do without seeing the pictures it develops.

9. Joy Alyssa Day designed this kit for turning your fridge into a TARDIS shrine for Doctor Who.

10. Ouija boards were designed to contact departed spirits. I’m guessing Dave Delisle designed this coffee table and rug to contact the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man.

11. Since we mentioned skinning wookies for a sofa, why not freeze yourself a Hans Solo while you are at it?

12. I would totally claim R2D2 for my cat.

13. This DIY gives step by step instructions to create a rotating rubik’s cube chest of drawers. Make searching for your clothes in the morning that much more entertaining.

14. All fellow fans know that Batman is well edumacated (yes, that was on purpose). Granted, this is no where near as fan fueled as this Batcave.

15. I guess freezing Hans Solo wasn’t enough, eh? Think that’s going all out? Check out this Star Wars home and theater.

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