Game of Thrones Characters As Homes

The internet is no stranger to humorous photos of inanimate objects that look like human faces. But in this case, we’ve assembled specific faces in houses that look like actual characters from Game of Thrones! You got to see them for yourself! Enjoy!

1. This house is what Ramsay Bolton looked like after Jon Snow got to him.

2. This is obviously where Samwell Tarly will hide during the coming winter.

3. This house shares Littlefinger’s emotionless eye squint and mustache.

4. Look! It’s Tormund Giantsbane’s frazzled hair and red beard… in house form.

5. Tyrion Lannister is the butt of many dwarf jokes. May as well add another to the list.

6. Catelyn Stark’s house sensed what happened at the red wedding before anyone else!

7. No other home in Westeros could fully represent the Night King’s scary sharp teeth and nostrils like this one.

8. I can’t tell who has more of a smug face, Jaime Lannister or this house.

9. No one understands Cersei Lannister’s frustration and disappointment in everything and everyone as much as this house does.

10. This sinister looking place is obviously where Melissandre plans all the sacrifices.

11. This one might be older than Sansa, but I doubt it’s been through more wear and tear.

12. This is probably where Jorah Mormont spent most of his time in exile. As the saying goes, misery loves company.

13. Looking at it, you’d think this house has been through more battles than The Hound!

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