Buy A Home

silas11Buying a home is one of the biggest undertakings that people make in their life. But that doesn’t mean that the process has to be difficult, stressful, or daunting. I imagine you are visiting this site because you are considering using me as as your agent to find a home. I like you already, you must have good taste. Why choose me?

Choosing me as your agent this is what I promise you.

I will always be honest with you.
I will always communicate well with you.
I will always look out for your best interests.
I will never pressure you.
I will work to get you your new house at the lowest possible price.


I think honesty is perhaps the most important aspect of working with a real estate broker. You want someone who is going to point out potential problems with a house. You want someone who is going to be honest about whether they see a house working for you. A good agent visits hundreds of home and they should be aware of issues that the buyer can’t foresee and they should explain that to the buyer.


I will communicate with you. It’s REALLY important. It’s important to communicate at the level that each buyer wants to communicate. Some people want daily updates on new homes available, some only want to be notified each weekend. One of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard about other agents is that they never hear back from their agent in a timely fashion. That amazes me. Lack of communication is stressful, my job is to make this process is as stress free as possible.


set selfieI like to think of myself as more of a matchmaker than a real estate broker. I’m helping find YOU the best match. My only pleasure is in finding the right house for you, it’s not about me. I’m not going to live there, so whatever I like about a house doesn’t matter, it’s about what YOU want. And it’s about making sure you are treated fairly in the buying process. I make sure the seller or other agent doesn’t take advantage of you.


You’ll never have me pressuring you to buy a home. We can go out every weekend for three months, I won’t pressure you to buy a home. You need to be fully on board. I will never pressure you into offering more than you are comfortable with in a purchase offer.


There are unfortunately some agents out there who are ONLY working to make a commission. That’s their focus and they don’t work hard to get their clients the best price. That’s unfortunate. I will work to get the price as low as possible for you. My goal is simple, get you the house you want at the lowest possible price. While I do work on commission ( which is paid for by the seller), that is not my first goal. My goal is your happiness.