Eat * Drink * Play – Shoreline

Today’s Eat * Drink * Play, we are taking a look at the city directly north of Seattle, the popular city of Shoreline. Shoreline is a huge attraction for families because of its school district, which is ranked third in the state. But there is a lot of other reasons that make Shoreline a great place to live. From Shoreline, you are 20 minutes (without traffic) from either downtown Seattle or Lynnwood’s Alderwood mall, striking the perfect balance between getting Read More

Eat * Drink * Play – Ballard

Tucked away in the northwest section of Seattle, the Ballard neighborhood is easily one of the city’s most sought after locations to live. It has a great mix of being a perfect area to raise a family, yet not too far from very popular bars and eateries. Originally founded with a large Nordic population, this cultural influence can be seen still today within small shops, antique stores, and local art celebrations.  At one time, Ballard was known as a great Read More

Eat, Drink, Play – Fremont

Welcome to the first installment of Eat, Drink, Play! Each week we pick three places you need to visit in the Seattle greater metro area. Sometimes it will be about a Seattle suburb like Shoreline or Bothell, and sometimes we will focus on a neighborhood of Seattle. This month we look at – FREMONT Long known by its residents as “the center of the universe,” you can find Fremont lying along Lake Washington Ship Canal, north of Queen Anne and Read More

8 Things You Need To Ask Before Listing Your Home With An Agent

You’re looking for an agent to list your house. If this is your first time listing a home, usually you will set a night or weekend for “listing appointments” to meet with a few different agents to see who will work best with you. The list below will help you be prepared and will give you some guidelines to follow. If you’ve already listed your house once but it didn’t sell, I’m sorry to hear that. I really am. I Read More

5 Myths Keeping You From Buying A House

Home ownership is not for everyone, but for a lot of people it is something they dream about. No matter where you live, if you have that goal, my focus is to try to get you on the path toward that dream. When I hear from people that they would like to buy a home but haven’t yet, they often tell me a laundry list of reasons. Sadly, most of the time, what I hear preventing people from reaching their Read More

Frozen in Carbonite

Silas is more than just your average real estate broker. Silas is also a local stand up comedian. So when he’s not helping you find a great house, you can come enjoy some laughs with him at local comedy clubs and taverns. Recently, he released a parody CD where he took songs from the musical Frozen and rewrote them to be about Star Wars. It’s called Silas Lindenstein, Frozen in Carbonite. Check it out. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play, Read More