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That is my goal.


That is my wish for you.

I sometimes joke that everything I know I learned from science fiction. There are lines from dozens of movies and television shows from when I was growing up that guided me to becoming the man I am today.

If you’re on this page, you’re probably trying to make a decision about real estate.  You’re probably trying to choose a real estate agent to sell your home or to help you buy one.  You probably got my name from someone (maybe even directly from me) and you’ve come here to try and learn a little bit about me.


My path to real estate wasn’t a direct one. I’ve been somewhat a public face for many years. I’ve built up a lot of friendships from when I worked as an actor and director in live theater in the Seattle area. I built more when I turned my passion for writing and performing into the world of stand up comedy, which gave me my first appearance on local television.  Those were great times of my life and gave me a chance to meet wonderful people.  And those were just my night jobs. Most people are pretty aware that acting and comedy are not often good ways to make a living and support a family, and I have a wonderful family I need to support. I’ve got a wife and two extremely loving and goofy daughters. One is 9 years old and one is 10 months old. How can a ten month old be goofy? Well, that’s one of the many areas I believe she is advanced. She makes me laugh every day.

on 206I’ve always been a person that supported my art through day jobs, frequently one’s where I worked for myself. For over a decade I ran my own online gift store and it was going extremely well until great recession in 2008 hit. That was a rough year. The store, a place I had built from scratch, loved, and invested in, had become a place that was no longer positive. In 2009, the business closed. This was a huge hit to me both financially and personally. After that, I regrouped and began working as a consultant and contractor for various companies as an online manager and web producer. But I kept finding those lacking personal connections with people, it was only through my discovery of stand-up comedy that allowed me to keep my sanity.


in hawksI moved to Seattle in August 1999, just a couple years after graduating from California State University, Chico. I moved directly to Lynnwood because, having grown up in small towns, the “bigness” of Seattle was something I wanted to grow into. So I visited Seattle occasionally to see shows, have an occasional dinner, dancing, or when friends visited to show them the tourist spots. I even worked in Seattle for many years when I first moved here. But here’s the thing. I never EXPLORED Seattle.  I knew the areas and neighborhoods from visiting friends who lived in Ballard or the Central District, but I didn’t absorb anything. I spent a long time existing, but not exploring. Then, an unexpected life change happened. In May of 2013, I was finishing a contract writing position and was looking for the next project when someone told me about a company that was new to Seattle called Lyft, which is an on-demand ride-sharing platform that I’m sure you must know about. If not, it’s like Uber, if Uber was nice. Figuring it couldn’t hurt to try out and it would be a nice stop gap measure until I found another writing job, I jumped in.

lyft photoSuddenly, I found myself driving strangers who lived in Seattle around from work to home, or taking them to a new venue or party on Friday nights. I never knew what the next ride was going to be. I started visiting parts of Seattle I never seen before because I never had any reason to. These passengers were getting me to explore the city. And I was meeting so many amazing people; artists, parents, business people, hairstylists, everything really.  Some of these folks were lifetime Seattlites, some transplants (like myself), and some visitors. Through them and my unexpected exploring, I began to fall in love with the city. I had always liked Seattle, but I hadn’t loved it yet. However, getting to hear from everyone else what they loved exposed me to so much more and showed me parts of the city I had never seen. And this new love kept me working with Lyft, because why would I want a job that would take me away from seeing what I loved?

As much as I loved meeting people, I knew that the ridesharing wasn’t something I could keep doing. I wanted more time with my family, and I wanted to fulfill a passion.


harry potter


It was hard for me to imagine being in a muggle job. I loved unique jobs so much.  And I began thinking about other things I’d loved doing.  The only muggle job I had ever seriously thought about in the past was becoming a real estate agent, but I didn’t want to work nights and weekends. But now, years later, it dawned on me. In my artistic pursuits and in trying to make a living, I ended up working nights and weekends. I thought, look, if I’m gonna be working these hours anyway, maybe I should do something I’d actually enjoy. My mother had been a real estate agent for years in Massachusetts.  I’d always been fascinated with real estate and loved the process of buying and owning my own home.


Once I made the decision to pursue real estate, I dove all in, obsessing about learning local housing prices and the changes occurring in every neighborhood in Seattle.  The most astonishing thing to me about taking my real estate classes was how much I loved learning about the legal aspects of real estate. Housing laws and property rights law fascinated me. After passing my licensing exam, I began to interview different brokerage firms to see who I would like to partner up with and where I would like to hang my license. After talking to several real estate friends and meetings with several brokerages, I joined Skyline Properties, Washington State’s largest independent brokerage.  One of the biggest appeals about Skyline Properties was that they were going to give me the freedom to be the broker I want to be. Their only expectation was to be a quality agent.


I’m now living the life I’ve wanted to have for a long time. I have, in a short time,  gathered a sizeable amount of clients for present and future. I’m able to balance my life between helping people find the right home, spending time with my family and performing stand up comedy. In fact, many of the people who were once just comedy fans of mine, have become clients. Do you know how great a feeling it is to both be able to make someone laugh and to help them find a home? It’s AWESOME and incredibly gratifying.  There are many days I think to myself, “This is what I’ve been preparing for.”

But I also wanted something more. I needed to focus. As a person of color, I was disheartened to learn that Black home ownership is at its lowest levels since the civil rights movement.  So when a new brokerage in Seattle emerged that has a core value of helping those who have been historically disenfranchised find equity in society via home ownership…..I beamed right aboard. So now I hang my hat at Boutique Brokerage in Seattle.


at helm

I want to “live long and prosper.” That has been my goal in life since I first heard Commander Spock use that phrase on The Original Star Trek. As a child, that phrase had a profound effect on me. That phrase, “Live Long and Prosper.” That’s what I want for everyone. I don’t even think of prosper as being solely financial, I think it includes happiness. I can’t see someone as being full of prosperity if they are lacking happiness. I want to see everyone to live a long and happy life in a place that they can call home.

So, that’s me. That’s a slice of Silas. Now, it’s your turn. I’d love to get to know you. Maybe we can work together in getting you a house or maybe we can just nerd out about something you’ve been watching on Netflix. Either way, email me or call, or you can even just follow me on social media.

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